LGRTS Agenda for December 2010

Here’s an agenda for what content will be added to LGRTS in December 2010:

The Cost of Retrospectives at Large Animal Games
On December 16th I’m giving a talk to the NYC Scrum User Group on how I conduct sprint retrospectives at Large Animal Games. I’ll discuss my methods for running the meeting and how to ensure the company gets value for money; after all, meetings aren’t cheap. I’ll post my my slides from the presentation, add an in-depth write up with any Q&A and, hopefully, a video of the presentation too.

Something about the Yankees not related to Derek Jeter’s new contract.
I want to look back at last year’s draft and pick the prospect that I think exhibits best value. I’ll take into account round selection, signing bonus, trade value and their chances of reaching the big leagues.

Notes on fatherhood.
I’m due to be a father… well, any day now. When my wife and I found out we were going to be parents it seemed that all of the problems and worries that consumed my daily life seemed suddenly insignificant. I’m going to publish a list of ten (or less) worries that suddenly seem less important once I become a father, and what new worries replace them.

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